Saint-Brevin-le-Pins to Le Gois (with pics)

The day dawned dry but a bit murky and after a breakfast with Gile it was back on the road, destination Le Gois!

The route took me all along the coastline and it wasn’t the prettiest of rides I must be honest – it was very industrial, very smelly due to the fishing industry along the coast, mostly oysters and mussels. It was also very windy and it was tough cycling, leaning into the wind as I headed southwards. At least the wind was clearing the skies and I was getting some sunshine…

It wasn’t too far from my destination that I entered flat farmlands, criss-crossed by irrigation canals, teeming with mullet. You could see huge schools of them, swimming just under the surface with their mouths breaking the surface, wide open and making the strangest of sounds…still don’t know what they could have been doing…feeding I’m guessing…

And so I found the Passage du Gois, in the middle of these fields, nothing around…but a couple of caravans parked in a field…hmmm, so I cycled over and asked if I could camp there the night, and was happy to hear it wouldn’t be a problem. I found a spot under the tree and setup camp – no shower here so I washed as best I could with a wet towel. It was a super peaceful little spot, surrounded by fields and by then the wind had died down and it was beautifully quiet.

I was attracting some attention from one of the families in one of the caravans and they were soon saying hello and asking questions, “where are you from?”, “where are you going?”, “ALONE!?!?” haha.

One of the best camping spots I had, that night was warm, a gentle breeze in the trees and owls hooting nearby…

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