Thorn Nomad MKII – Size: 620L

Bike accessories:

Back Panniers – 2x Ortlieb Back Roller Plus (20l each) each with Ortlieb accessory bag/bottle cage mounting strips

Front Panniers – 2x Ortlieb Front Roller Classic, each with Ortlieb accessory bag/bottle cage mounting strips

2x Ortlieb bottle cages for bags, 2x Ortlieb Outer pockets

Handlebar bag – Ortlieb Ultimate 8 litre

Ortlieb 31 litre rack pack (tent, matt, pillow, wash basin, shoes, shopping bag)


Stove – MSR Dragonfly + 900ml bottle

Pots – MSR Quick Solo cooking pot, Keith Titanium 400ml pan and Titanium 800ml pot

Cutlery – Alpkit Foon and spork (crap, break easily, will replace).

Firesteel – Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0

3x 1l water bottles


Tent – MSR Hubba Hubba NX with footprint (amazing tent, love it)

Alpkit hunka bivvy (usually put matt inside the bag when camping)

Sleeping bag – Mountain Equipment Helium 600 (excellent bag)

Sleeping Matt – Exped Synmat 7 (excellent matt)

Alpkit Rig 3.5 tarp, kelp


Son Dynamo front hub and SineWave USB port on headset for charging devices/batteries

Camera – Canon EOS 550D with 18-55mm & 50mm lens with spare batteries and USB charger

GoPro Hero4 (with waterproof housing)

Headlamp – Petzl Reactik (unfortunately you don’t get a helmet mount for this model…but I’ll see what I can make).

Speaker – Sony SRX-XB10, with bluetooth and audio jack

MP3 player – simple 8GB device with AM/FM tuner off of Amazon (pretty crap)

Power Bank 1 – RavPower Rugged External (RP-PB044) for charging USB devices.

Travel Adaptor – Bestek World adaptor with USB ports

Card Reader – Anker USB3 card reader

Kindle Gen6 eReader

Mac Book Pro 2010 model (1.8kg)


2x cycling tops (with back pockets) and 3x shirts

2x cycling shorts (gel padded)

3x shorts (cycling, swimming, casual)

1x long pants

2x pairs of undies

2x pairs of socks and 3x pairs of secret socks

1x cycling jacket (Gore kit), 1x down gillet and 1x soft jacket

Packing configuration:

Left front bag: Kitchen (stove, pot/s, spices etc)
Right front bag: Workshop and electronics

Left rear bag: Wardrobe (all the clothing)
Right rear bag: Bedroom (sleeping bag, laptop, food)

Rear rack pack: House (as per above)
Handlebar bag: Office, camera, battery pack etc