Quick update

Just one more week to go, it literally can’t come soon enough.

Then it’s off to SA for a bit, can’t wait!

In terms of the bike etc – it’s pretty much ready to go, just a couple of odd bits I need to sort out but I’ll do that once work is done! Cannot wait 🙂 I am trying to make time for a ride but it’s just not happening…it’s really frustrating as I just want to ride now.  At the moment I’m working on a Facebook banner page for an update on Facebook – using Gimp to edit the image but I’m not happy with the pic’s I have at the moment so really want to go for a ride to take some more shots…Sunday, fingers crossed.

Tomorrow evening will be TP9, the last one! Happy days, then Saturday for the last input session and the last day of CELTA! Can’t believe it’s almost over, it’s been a tough, tough 3 months balancing it with work, planning the trip and tying everything up in the UK.

Day out to Hertfordshire

Another shake down day for testing and so forth. Packed the bags with a bit of extra kit for some extra weight including a lot of water (6 liters). Headed north along the canal through Lee Valley, ride stats as follows:

So a long day in the saddle and shyt it was hot. Drank a ton of water, luckily I could fill up alongside the canal where they have taps for the boat folk.

Did some very decent bush bashing through some fields – rough alongside and muddy in the dips, perfect stuff, she handled it superbly. Couldn’t get into the forest though as it was all fenced off or so overgrown with nettles. Eventually found a spot and cooked a good bowl of lentils with sausage, quality.

Only thing I need to fix/change is the handlebar bag – it slips down all the time, even with very little weight. Not that impressed. Also thinking about other options for front pannier bags – 20l isn’t much but then again, I don’t want to over pack.

Didn’t find any major hills or anything – that’s next on the testing agenda.