Bordeaux to Ares (28/08)

After 2 rest days in quick succession I was rearing to go and was the first up that morning. I had half a jar of jam left along with half a baguette, so I smeared the jam on the bread and wolfed it down with a cup of coffee…and damn, within 2 hours of leaving had crushed 50km, I was a man on a mission. If I saw a cyclist up ahead of me I became the hunter and literally hunted them down, passing them with ease, guys in their lycra on their race bikes, and their eyes bulging as I went by. One or two caught up with me asking where my motor is haha as the Rohloff on the back makes it look like I have an electric bike. No bro, it´s the jam in my veins that´s driving me pins at mach speed!

I was heading back to the coast, due west of Bordeaux and it wasn´t long until I was back in the pine forests. I got there so early, already 50km done hours before midday, unheard of for me, so I found a spot in the woods and had an early siesta fiesta.

Later, refreshed I turned south, with the coast on my right, the beach hidden by huge sand dunes all the way. Made a foray to the beach and it was an effort getting there – I didn´t want to leave my bike and all my gear unattended in the forest so I kind of had to drag it through the sand as far as I could up to the bottom of the dune. Then in the heat had to climb up the huge shifting sand dune all the while worrying about my bike. Got to the top and had a look around and inadvertently stumbled upon a nudist beach haha. I had also stumbled upon a peeping tom hiding in the dunes, checking out the nude folk on the beach with a pair of binoculars, the cheeky bastard, and he had no shame.

Scuttled back down the dune and was reunited with my bike, all safe and sound she was.

Back on the road and it was all traffic free through this massive, hot, sandy forest. Towards the end of the day the path hit a nice big fresh water lake, beautiful with beaches and palm trees. I stopped and had a swim, perfect just before making camp, which I did shortly after that. Clocked a cool 98km that day!

Ares to Biscarosse 29/08

It was a bit cooler this day at 23 degrees. Slept the night without a fly sheet looking up at the stars and slept well.

It was more of the same, pine forests, fresh water lakes, beach sand and a huge dune on my right with the sea on the other side.

More flat riding, good swimming in fresh water – easy and another 90km down.

Made a wild camp in the forest outside that evening, again left the fly sheet off as no rain was forecast. Had no problems.

Biscarosse to Leon 30/08

The day dawned and I was up early to pack and make a move, leaving camp by 0830. I was´t far from a supermarket so stopped for supplies, very handy!

It warmed up again and it was soon very hot, but, this pine forest is a big one and it was again easy riding and good swimming, and another 90km down.

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