I passed the CELTA interview (is that a surprise though?), so I’m going to pay the deposit and then it’s 3 months hard work.

I’ve finalised the build with the Thorn workshop…all I need to do is pay the deposit…this is it…kinda bricking it tbh! 🙂

Other updates: I’ve found a set of Ortlieb Back Roller plus pannier bags on ebay for a steal, plus a 24l Ortlieb rack pack, which completes a packing system with the two back panniers where they the panniers mount on the sides, and the rack pack over the top with an intergrated clip in system with the back rollers – very clever, so I’m chuffed to get that all for under ÂŁ100. I’m going to sell off the back roller classic’s I got for a slight mark up to make up a bit of cash. Ebay is fun.

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